An Online Course to Give You the Personal Finance Foundation in just 5 Videos & Worksheets

The Smart Money Starter Pack is meant to emulate a course or programme that you should have taken in your last year in university in preparation for the real world,, many years ago. It gives you the basics of smart money management to navigate the changing world of work.

You should take The Smart Money Starter Pack, if…

  • You are 20 or 30 something working professional
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by debt
  • You have little to no savings
  • You have bad money habits
  • You are building up an emergency fund
  • You are probably living a lifestyle you cannot afford
Not sure if this is you. Take our Financial Stress Calculator to find out,

What you will learn

  • Career Management & Side Hustles: we know that your employment provides the income you need to reach financial independence. If you are struggling with money, your productivity suffers, we want to help curb that.
  • Budgeting: When to budget, what to budget and how to budget
  • Saving: Where, how, and how much
  • Loans: Terms you should know and strategies to consider.
  • Retirement: How to balance with other goals

How you will learn

This is a self-paced fully online course made up of 5 videos with a 1 hour and 20 minutes running time, combined with worksheets that guide you to turn what you have learnt into actionable take-aways. You will also get access to Skillfully Conversation community and events.

Your Investment

Your Smart Money Starter Pack costs Tsh 50,000. Payment can be made via Mpesa 0758846540.

For inquiries, contact Cynthia, [email protected], Register Below.