Helping you be Smart (er) with your Money

Given the salary cuts, furloughs and retrenchments happening as a result of Covid-19, managing our personal finances becomes an extremely important skill to have, especially for working professionals and for organisations that employ them.

Employees have a lot of anxiety surrounding their salaries and their jobs. Organisations on the other hand are experiencing low productivity from highly stressed and anxious employees.

The Smart Money programme helps working professionals get smart (er) with their money. It also helps organisations with financially stressed employees improve productivity and their bottom line.

The Smart Money Courses

To find out which course best suits you, take our Financial Stress Calculator

Smart Money Starter Pack

For working professionals who need to learn the basics of money management across the board.

Smart Money for H.E.N.R.Ys

For working professionals who have their cash flow, savings and budgeting in check and are ready to mak etheir money work for them.

Smart Money for Organisations

A customised programme for organisations, for more information, please contact Cynthia, [email protected]