Jaza Energy & MyJobPass: Lighting homes & transforming lives through renewable energy and remote learning

A big part of my job as CEO and founder of MyJobPass has been to partner with like-minded organisations that care about things that we care about.

At the top of MyJobPass’ list is improving the workforce’s ability to succeed in the future (that is now very present) workplace through new and better learning opportunities.

Photograph courtesy of Jaza Energy

New Partnership

That is why we are elated to partner with Jaza Energy to transform its in-class room training to remote learning through our rapid e-learning process.

About Jaza Energy

Jaza Energy is connecting the world through clean and renewable power.

It provides affordable electricity to base-of-the-pyramid customers through solar energy hubs operating in remote villages across East Africa. The hubs transform lives. They allow small business owners to extend their working hours and consequently increase their income.They are run by women from the local communities who manage the day-to-day operations such as sales, battery charging and customer support.

The Impact

A total of 200 of Jaza’s employees will benefit from the remote learning solution. 70% of these employees are the women who run these hubs also known as the Jaza Stars.

Working with Jaza energy to deploy a remote learning solution that targets low skilled individuals who use technology changes the narrative around the not-so future workplace and the displacement of low skilled workforce. It also breaks the notion that remote learning whether through elearning, mobile learning, micro-learning among others cannot work in a country like Tanzania.