About the Course

Thanks to Covid-19, technology now has an undeniable role in education and the jobs of educators. However, online teaching requires different methods to help students learn. This beginner course on Teaching with Technology is designed to help teachers and corporate trainers update their skills set to teach effectively online. Read more on why it is important to train teachers on how to use technology to teach, click here

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, teachers and corporate trainers will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts of online teaching
  • Apply best practices in online course design and delivery

Course Content and Delivery

This is a 8 hour e-learning course delivered in a span of 3 days with direct support from MyJobPass Team. The course is curated in English and Swahili.

  • Topic One: Understanding Online Instruction
  • Topic Two: Elements of Online Instruction
  • Topic Three: Online Course Design
  • Topic Four: Fostering a Culture of Learning and Engagement
  • Topic Five: Creating Accessible Learning

Minimum Technology Requirements

Learners will need a laptop, computer or tablet but a wide screen smartphone should do. Learners will also need stable internet a 5GB bundle should be sufficient for the three days.

Successful Applicants

  • Teachers who teach primary and secondary schools students
  • Female teachers, special education teachers, and public school teachers
  • Teachers who at a minimum: have Whatsapp, can record an audio or a video on their phone, have an email address and can easily log in and out of an email address, can open MS Word, create a new document, type into it and save the document and can do the same in MS Powerpoint
  • Can read and write in English and/or Swahili and follow instructions.
  • Corporate trainers, University or College Lecturers, Private School Teachers and Tutors who can pay for their training costs

Successful applicants will be alerted on what cohort they will join and when their cohort begins.1st cohort will start on June 1st, 2020, second cohort on June 15th, 2020.

The Instructor

The course instructor, Cynthia Bavo.
Cynthia Bavo is a tech evangelist, communication specialist and instructional designer for e-learning. Learn more about her

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