Meet MyJobPass

MyJobPass is a workforce accelerator. It partners with universities to help organisations bridge the gap in skills that they’ll need to stay competitive in the digital economy. 

MyJobPass is registered as a Limited Company in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is recognised as a Human Resource Consultancy Firm that specialises in Learning and Development, and Career Services.

Executive Leadership

Cynthia Bavo | CEO, Digital Transformation & Strategic Communications Lead
Iddy John | CTO, Learning Management Systems & Digital Skills Lead
Agnes Mwasumbi | COO Instructional Design & e-Learning Lead

What we do

We Train

We facilitate skills based training programmes  in technical & interpersonal skills.

We Consult

We  consult on the design and development of training content and formats  of delivery including e-learning.

We Manage

We  partner with organisations  to manage skills development programmes such graduate traineeships and fellowships.

We Coach

We  coach professionals on career planning, career pivots, career growth and job searching strategies.

Our Values

We Collaborate

We believe in the power of working together

We love Technology

We use technology to enhance learning and learning to harness the opportunities that come with technology

We Learn

We pursue and promote leadership and growth

We are Innovation-Driven

We relentlessly pursue creative solutions to improve our work and our community

We are Connected

We create opportunities to work and play together in meaningful ways.

We are big on Inclusion

We respect and value diverse life challenges and we create an environment that is inclusive for all.